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 Do You Want to Disappear?

Do you want to Protect Your Privacy?

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Let our years of experience hunting down deadbeats and misfits pay off for you. Now, we can show you some very important basics on how to disappear, how to keep your identity, location, and assets private! 

These are tried and true ways to fall out of sight from those who would intrude on your personal privacy. Why wait until it is too late and you or someone you love has been scammed or personally injured. Our Off limits Software will reveal what you need to know.  

We hunt down people daily as part of our business. We know the "ins and outs" of the searching and tracing business. The tips and tricks to protect your identity are included in this special software package.  

As a Bonus with your paid order, you will receive the following 6 reports FREE:  

    • Protect Your Credit 
    • How to Change Your Identity 
    • Million Dollar Scam Revealed 
    • How to Legally Not Pay Taxes
    • Get Bill Collectors Off Your Back
    • Making Money at Home
This is important information for anyone wanting "not" to be found. 
Protect your privacy. Protect your vital personal information. Order the exclusive Off limits Software package today. Available in a Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98 format.  
To order, fill out the following order form, click File, Print, and print out a copy of the order. Enclose full payment in the form of a Money Order or Certified Check. Mail to our address. 

Fee: $169.00 
Shipping: Standard $5.00, Priority $15.00 

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To send order via US Mail, fill out order form, click File, Print, enclose full payment Cash, Money Order, or Certified Check, and mail to: 
6285 East Spring Street, Suite 357
Long Beach, CA 90808

All Money Orders and Certified Checks should be made out to "CTE."  

Speed up delivery of your order by reserving a copy and it will be ready to mail to you upon receipt of your payment. To RESERVE your order , click the Reserve Now button.  

Please press the RESERVE button only once. Your browser may require you to click the OKAY button as well.  

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