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  CTE Investigations provides investigative resources to both the private and business sectors. This is a "one stop shop" for Individuals, businesses, and corporations to locate and or identify people , businesses, and assets throughout the United States. Now you can: 
  • Quickly locate friends and relatives 
  • Track down elusive skips and dead-beats to collect judgments & debts
  • Conduct your own background checks to pinpoint assets 
  • Ascertain the credibility & identity of people and businesses 
We provide all the expertise you need to inexpensively conduct searches through a MULTITUDE OF RECORDS including civil records,business filings,property records,criminal records and more!! These services are used daily by attorneys, skip tracers, private investigators, real-estate brokers and other professionals. 

You too should include yourself with the many others who have used our invaluable services to satisfy their information needs. Remember before you hire, sign, purchase or marry...get the information you need. Protect your self  interest and gain confidence with people and businesses.  

All information provided is strictly confidential!
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